Patient Reviews

A plastic surgeon’s fine reputation is based on recommendations from satisfied patients and fellow plastic surgeons. In addition to his awards by other physicians, Dr. Gutowski has actual patient comments and reviews that reflect his dedication and commitment to providing excellent patient care.

Reviews from

Jenni WF

Looking Great – Northbrook, IL

“I had breast implants done in Brazil and complications followed. One implant broke and the other became hard. Dr. Gutowski fixed both and made by breasts look better then ever.”

Lisa in Madison

He Fixes the Awful Work of Other Doctors – Northbrook, IL

“This doctor fixed the botched up job another doctor did and made it look like the previous awful surgery never even happened. He is absolutely great!!!”
Read cards from Dr. Gutowski’s patients about their experience with the care and treatment he provided.

2 thoughts on “Patient Reviews”

  1. Doctor Gutowski is not only dedicated to assisting you in looking great, but feeling great. I have to say in my case he paid attention to every detail inside and out! Amazing bedside mannerism and gifted procedures. No regrets and would refer to anyone looking for the best! Don’t look any farther!

  2. Dr. Gutowski is not only dedicated to assisting you in looking great but has a great heart with sincere feelings for his patience. He’s a great and kind person.

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