No Drain Tummy Tuck & Body Lift

This 38-year-old woman was unhappy with the bulge in her lower abdomen following 3 pregnancies. After a “no drain tummy tuck” she was able to go home 2 hours after the procedure and walk normally the next day.

“My goal for every patient is to provide a great experience and comfortable recovery after surgery. When I modified this progressive tension suture tummy tuck technique, I was able to not only offer a shorter surgery time, which leads to faster recovery, but also an easier recovery due to no discomfort from the drains that most surgeons still use. Patients who had drains after past procedures were excited about this new approach to tummy tucks.”

Karol A. Gutowski, MD

In many procedures, surgeons place plastic tubes, called drains, under the skin to remove any fluid that builds up after surgery. In tummy tucks and body lifts, these drains stay in place for 1 to 2 weeks before they are removed in the office. While not painful, many patients find drains to be uncomfortable and cause discomfort with moving and walking.

To offer a better experience for his patients, Dr. Gutowski modified and published a technique (originally described by Drs. Todd and Harlan Pollock) that eliminates the need for drains and makes the surgery faster. The result is a better operation with a faster recovery and no tubes or drains to worry about.

Dr. Gutowski modified his other techniques to virtually eliminate the need for drains in not only tummy tucks and body lifts but also breast procedures (augmentations, reductions and lifts), arm lifts and occasionally thigh lifts.


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