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Health authorities in Europe offered different recommendations for women with controversial PIP French-made breast implants. The British Health Department recommended that the PIP implants should not be taken out in all women since there was not enough evidence to demonstrate that they can cause health problems. The Czech and Germany authorities went along with the French in recommending PIP implant removal. 

Other than a possibly high rate of implant  breakage and use of non-medical grade silicone gel inside the implants, there is no evidence that the PIP implants cause a health concern. However, the Germany Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices recommended removal of PIP breast implants as a precautionary measure. 

The British recommendation differs from those of other European health agencies and point out that their expert review group did not find a link between PIP implants and cancer, and did not establish if the PIP implants were more likely to break than other breast implants as the information that was available was not complete. “Reports show that, of the PIP implants that have been tested, there is no risk of dangerous toxins leaking into the body if an implant did rupture,” the British Department of Health said in a statement. “However, we are not confident that the manufacturer did not change the silicone in the implants, so cannot rule out the possibility that some are toxic.”

Women whose implants were placed in the United States should not be concerned about the potential problems with the PIP silicone gel breast implants as they were never approved for use by the F.D.A in America.