For anyone considering a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), a common question is how long will it last. To better understand the answer, it is good to know what is done during a tummy tuck procedure. 

Typically, the loose skin in the lower abdomen (bellow the belly button) is removed and the skin from the upper abdomen is pulled down resulting in tighter skin throughout the front of the trunk. During the same time, the  loose connective tissue under the skin (rectus fascia) is tightened with sutures resulting in a more “toned” abdomen. For women who developed a rectus diastasis  (widening of the abdominal muscles) after pregnancy, the tightening of the rectus fascia will bring the abdominal muscles back to their proper place and improve any bulges that are present. 

A study published last month used MRI images to show that 2 years after a tummy tuck, the correction of the rectus diastasis was maintained. So while the improved abdominal tone after a tummy tuck seems to last, care must be taken as significant weight gain or a pregnancy may undo the results. 

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