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Crescendo Theraeputics, makers of HybriSil topical scar treatment, was warned by the U.S.Food & Drug Administration (FDA) last month about its lack of a monitoring process for possible side effects and for problems with its labeling and directions for use. 

Hybrisil is a combination of silicone gel and a mid-potency steroid (1% methylprednisolone acetate). Silicone gel is a commonly used scar treatment with little risk of side effects. Steroids are also used for scar treatment but do have some risks such as thinning of the skin. This combination of silicone gel and a steroid may be useful for raised and red scars after surgery. Hopefully, the FDA concerns will be corrected and this product will be available for use.

Before considering any scar treatments, discuss the options with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who can recommend the appropriate treatments including scar revisions, laser treatment, skin resurfacing or medications.